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Re: Linear-A

No, Germany. You'll have seen 'Made in Germany' on several of their recent sets. Freystadt, Bavaria is the address on an email from an order that I made some time ago.

Strelets will be able to answer better regarding the 'under licence' arrangement when they made some 'exclusive' sets for them under the Linear B moniker. Mind you, a few of the sets also appeared in Strelets boxes...

If you have any queries, why not drop Andreas a line using the address given on their website ( He is a top fella and responds really quickly. Alternatively, make an enquiry on their forum. He responds to questions there too, in both German and English. Others on the forum will respond too...

Cheers, James

Re: Linear-A

As far as I know, when Linear-B first started Strelets helped them with the production of the figures. When they moved into their own production the name changed to Linear-A.

Clearly the two companies are known to each other but how close the connection is I don't know. Similarities in the figures might be down to using the same sculptors.

Re: Linear-A

Indeed, the two have shared ideas in the past. I can add one or two of my unofficial observations, although if anybody else knows better feel free to correct me:

1) As mentioned, Linear-B was indeed the main collaboration line between the two. From the topics produced it is fairly apparent that the Linear-B ideas were mostly coming from what is now Linear-A's Bavaria based HQ (mostly Classical stuff), while Strelets' Ukrainian workshops were producing the figures. So the sculptor(s) clearly knew both parties well at some point in the mid-2010s. In fact I would suggest that the Mithridatic hoplite set of Linear-B can be seen as almost a "proto" or experimental version of the Seleucid, Pyyhric, and Ptolemaic phalanx sets that were released last year by Linear-A. As many of you know pikes and sarissas have long caused 1/72 scale companies massive production issues, thus the need for experimentation.

2) At some point after 2015 the two decided to diverge and focus on their own topics of choice. It is important to note though that here in Germany the Linear-A shop remains one of the largest distributors of Strelets in the country (by a wide margin, basically the only consistent option for metropolises like Munich and here in Berlin), so from what I can tell from the outside the two still have a decent working business relationship. Which, yay! :hugging_face:

Re: Linear-A

Thank you guys all for your input! I found it all very interesting and it definitely helped answer my question. Figuring out how to translate Linear-A’s website from German to English also helped out tremendously­čĹŹ­čĆ╝