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Re: Another Friday

Beautiful box art! I think I know exactly what set this is for as well. Thank you so much Strelets. No matter how long production could take even this is a wonderful surprise. I think I might have to use such a set as French rather than Austrians to counter the British in attack set. One of the many perks of this era in my opinion is the ability to convert an armies nationality with a simple paint job. So far I’ve seen the box of Early War French Fusiliers act as French, Spanish, Austrians, and Bavarians!

Re: Another Friday

Bonjour à tous,

Pour moi l'essentiel c'est de vous savoir en bonne santé. Merci d'avoir donné de vos nouvelles même si elles sont très parcellaires



Re: Another Friday

Thank you Strelets! A lovely piece of artwork, possibly one of your best yet. Looking forward to the release, whether it be soon or not!

Re: Another Friday

That is definitely 1 of the best out works that I have seen. What a pleasant surprise. I am excited and very much looking forward to holding the final product in my hands, even if it may take a while. Thank you for this Strelets!!! you are the best.

Re: Another Friday

Brilliant to see Anton Batov's artwork (I assume) and more evidence of a peaceful and productive collaboration in crazy times of war and destruction. It will be a wonder and a joy if these Austrians can be brought to fruition.

How ironic that our non-violent hobby, based around conflicts of old, should be so affected by real-life, current conflicts affecting lives, production, trade and squandering needed resources...

Re: Another Friday

Dear James,

Yes James, I agree. In all my years of schooling we learned, "We must study our History and Past, especially Wars, lest we are prone to repeat them."

"VIP to Ukraine!" (Victory, Independence & Peace)