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Re: It's Friday Somewhere in the World, Again!

Hi Asher,
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A good selection of resin cast scenery pieces covering different scales.

Re: It's Friday Somewhere in the World, Again! - NEW 11.02.2023 Posting

Dear Asher and Forum Members,

Last time I threw out a promise and lets see if I can make it work! I said: "Hopefully, tomorrow I can post links for some WWII snap together vehicles and desserty palm trees."

So here goes for some UNPAINTED VEHICLES the (1) WWII Panzer and (2) WWII Tiger plus (3) I believe all three of the biggie tanks being used in The Ukraine today (Very nicely detailed models all and FREE SHIPPING plus trusted seller:,scm-url:1007.40050.362094.0,pvid:380679da-9775-4863-b2fa-bf9bacca5e2a,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238111%231996&pdp_npi=4%40dis%21USD%216.24%214.99%21%21%216.24%21%21%402103249616989549330895497e87ac%2112000016613988785%21rec%21US%21926918749%21

Re: It's Friday Somewhere in the World, Again! - NEW 11.02.2023 Posting & The Sequel

Because I collect soldiers first, and don't have time to paint, I was only attracted to WWII because of these prepainted / snap together tanks:,scm-url:1007.13339.291025.0,pvid:55572574-fb6a-4bf5-8a1e-b4bef5723e01,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238111%231996&pdp_npi=4%40dis%21USD%213.49%212.79%21%21%213.49%21%21%402101ef8716989777807335057eddff%2110000011276581606%21rec%21US%21926918749%21