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Re: On a positive note....again...

The RedBox sets are available in the US now. I got the WWI Italians, and was also able to get the Strelets Napoleonic Jagers summer and winter sets as well (all via Scott's Model Workshop on ebay. Best shop for 1/72 figures on the web, in my opinion).
I remember some time ago Strelets showed masters for what looked like Early WW2 US and Japanese Troops. Those are definitely on my wish list.
It is truly inspiring to see how Strelets and other Ukrainian manufacturers are able to keep the hobby going even in incredibly difficult circumstances.

Re: On a positive note....again...

I’d agree with you Colin. Scott’s Model Shop is unbeatable here in the US. I also picked up the new Arditi set from there. I was pretty impressed. I hope the Italian front continues to get some attention, but at the moment there is a severe lack of Austro-Hungarian representation.

Re: On a positive note....again...

I was wondering the same thing. I check the forum about every other day, but I’ll bet that during Strelets’ long (but very understandable) silence many quit looking as often as they once did. With the website being down it’s also probably difficult for any newcomers to access the forum as well.