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Re: French infantry

That's a great Strelet's idea
They make many good sets of one our dearest FFL, but Romans,Napoleonics,WSS, etc,so we can build great complete armies
That's the way, never change

Re: French infantry

I too would love to see the various set types applied to Napoleonic French. In my case especially for the 1813-1815 period, but happy to see others. Sets made with a proper ratio of figures & poses of 4x Fusilier companies to 2x flank companies would also be of major interest.

However, what I would really like to see, is Strelets able to continue, manufacture & grow in a country free from war & its people able to live in peace.
Alas, that may be not possible for a while yet. So I also know that any set, even 1 new set, coming out from them is a major success. Not to mention restocks.

Re: French infantry

I second that emotion.
As for the French Napoleonic sets, fusiliers, grenadiers and voltigeurs might even each have their own set. Customers could buy these figures in ratio. I know I would.