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Re: New British in Square set

"If had one little gripe, it would be that some of the standing figures dont look like they are quite in scale with couple of their kneeling buddys (or vice versa), as I think if some the kneeling guys stood up, they would look fair bit taller then those already standing."

That's been a common problem since I've been collecting and playing with toy soldiers. My very first real set of toy soldiers (I had a few before, but this was the one that really hooked me), the Marx Giant Blue and Gray Battle Set (American Civil War) was in 1961 - the figures predated that. I looked at the kneeling confederate firing pose one day and figured if you straightened him out he'd come up to the shoulders of the other figures. The "Centennial" kneeling officer with binoculars is even worse. But they're still great looking figures that have aged pretty well and new issues (or recasts) are still in demand. Then there are the "Andy Gard" Civil War figures, their kneeling guys are huge. As you said, it depends on how you place them and how picky you are.

Re: New British in Square set

Agreed Roger; I received my package today which contained a box of each of the new British, plus several 'reinforcements' of the Russian jägers—lovely figures all.

Congratulations and thank you Strelets.

Regards, James