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Re: How Disastrous a War

Bon dia, es divendres i encara tinc la sensació de
trobar quelcom notícia nova respecte el nostre estimat Hobbie.
Però per d'amunt de tot,
Que la gent d UKRAINA retrobi la PAU i la FELICITAT
Un compatriota meu s expressava amb més claretat que jo. En Pau Casals

Re: How Disastrous a War

Asher Croy and GarrisonClay, I sense a lot of wisdom and reflection in your analysis of the status quo, and how our hobby compares to reality.

As toy soldier collectors, we are trained to take responsibility, and we do thorough research, compare, plan, design and revisit our plans, when necessary. Some of my soldiers have been with me for 40 years, and I wish that modern generals would protect the lives of their soldiers as well as I have protected my toy soldiers.

To solve the current crisis in Ukraine, it requires great diplomatic skills, and strong leadership, and today I am more certain than ever that the world will soon again have a skilled, just and intelligent leader, who can bring our Ukrainian and Russian friends to the negotiating table to make peace. A peace that will be attractive to all and that will bring long lasting happiness and joy to the people of Eastern Europe and the world. A victory for all will be achieved through peace for all.

For the time being, I am using the temporary interruption of actively adding to my collection by organizing my existing collection. Like Garrison, I live in a farm house with a huge shed, and with the help of my beloved wife, I am sorting my troops by eras and countries into clear stackable 45 quart plastic boxes, each with a label and description of its content. I discovered a lot of treasures by opening bags and boxes and I have a clear vision of how to set up my armies for battle.

I too will continue to pray for the safety, happiness and continued success of Strelets, Haron and their surviving teams, families, friends and all fellow toy soldier collectors around the globe.

Re: How Disastrous a War

Also very well said Jan. And I have to agree with you that the one benefit to come from this lull in the hobby is having the time to organize and care for our already existing collections. I’ve managed to catch up on a lot of painting, and have also been able to focus on picking up some old sets that I never got around to. All I’m missing is the peaceful farm house with a nice big shed out back.

Re: How Disastrous a War

I'm happy that you keep your happy spirit Asher, no matter the trouble that there may be. In due time, you too shall have your big shed for toy soldier collecting.

Our patience has paid off, Strelets is back, and we now have limited time to complete our sorting and organizing, before we can start adding new sets again :-)

For my part, I have 3 big boxes of toy soldiers left to sort, and a few more of landscaping, buildings etc. Everything else is tucked away with a label on the box. I am rather proud of this achievement.