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Re: French infantry

Ah, Speaking of French, The French Foreign Legion has always been a favorite army of mine. I like the Classic Fort Zinderneuf FFL subject. In fact, there is an excellent History of the FFL Internet Site I have enjoyed for years. Here is their Statement "The classic French Foreign Legion in Wargaming, Literature, Pictures and History", and their Link:

I recently purchased two FFL Forts for The Strelets Team's excellent Legionnaires. Like you guys, I've got to set them up inside their Forts and take some pictures. Thank you for the motivation, Mon Legionnaires!

"VIP to Ukraine!" (Victory, Independence, and Peace)

Re: French infantry

That's a great Strelet's idea
They make many good sets of one our dearest FFL, but Romans,Napoleonics,WSS, etc,so we can build great complete armies
That's the way, never change

Re: French infantry

I too would love to see the various set types applied to Napoleonic French. In my case especially for the 1813-1815 period, but happy to see others. Sets made with a proper ratio of figures & poses of 4x Fusilier companies to 2x flank companies would also be of major interest.

However, what I would really like to see, is Strelets able to continue, manufacture & grow in a country free from war & its people able to live in peace.
Alas, that may be not possible for a while yet. So I also know that any set, even 1 new set, coming out from them is a major success. Not to mention restocks.

Re: French infantry

I second that emotion.
As for the French Napoleonic sets, fusiliers, grenadiers and voltigeurs might even each have their own set. Customers could buy these figures in ratio. I know I would.