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Re: New British Masters

yes just seen the new Nap British infantry on PSR, and i do like the figures in forage caps, very useful for conversions, hopefully this year will see release of the WSS sets sculpted by poor Anton
cheers Old John

Re: New British Masters

While I get what you mean about having variety, problem is those forage caps on British infantry who are in the midst of battle, would not have a forage cap on them. It is as alien as if you were to put a viking helmet on them!!

I have some boxes on the way also and look forward to painting them up. Only issue I can see via PSR preview pics is the quality of how the detail has come through & also seem to be a lot of flash and messy edges. Thats a couple steps back from what Strelets were producing. However I guess with all that is happening with the war, a bit of quality suffering is not surprising. Loss of equipment, skilled workers etc probably taken a toll understandably. Am just glad they are released along with more restocks.