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Re: Why does not load?

Yes, Toby is exactly right. The Strelets Website Link has been pulled from PSR. But their Forum here, is alive and well, and it's Link is hot and well. In fact, it appears that when The Strelets Team wants to communicate with us, they come here, thankfully.

I live in the U.S. on the West Coast and just received 4 boxes of the Nappy British Square and Skirmishers. I like them very much, with lots of authentic poses for fighting, defending, casualties and more. I highly recommend you get yours while you can. Unbelievable The Strelets Team is still able to get new sets out for us. Unbelievable Godsend Gift from them to us still, regardless of the War there!

Please keep communicating with us here Strelets Team ...

VIP to Ukraine (Victory, Independence & Peace) and Thank you, Strelets! ;-)