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Re: Buckskin Infantry & War Of 1812

I agree. There are many ways to piecemeal various units together but none are very efficient or all that satisfying. For regulars in the past I had used British line infantry with Belgian shakos because the uniforms genuinely are very similar. The one inexcusable difference, however, are the backpacks. And believe me, removing and molding 40+ backpacks for one box of men is quite time consuming. At this point I’d much rather be patient and wait what will likely be years instead of trying to build a whole army of conversions. I feel your pain Bert!

As for the remarks about the prejudice against US soldiers and conflicts, I actually think that there might be some merit to that statement. I also think that it can be easily explained though. We simply don’t have any big American companies in the hobby. We had IMEX who for a while was plugging gaps in American representation, but since then we’ve had nobody. European companies, especially Eastern European ones, likely won’t choose a small American conflict over one of their own small obscure conflicts. Redbox covering the Cossack rebellion recently is a good example of this. Luckily Strelets did take the plunge and provide some badly needed sets for the American Civil War and for that I am very grateful. But I do dream of the day when we get a 20+ set range covering the American Revolution, and at least a handful of sets covering the War of 1812 as well as the Mexican American War.

Re: Buckskin Infantry & War Of 1812

Strelets the only maker i can find that did a plastic set for 1812, surprised that HAT, an American have never produced any USA troops for 1812
cheers Old John

Re: Buckskin Infantry & War Of 1812

Old John;

I talked to Hat when they first came about, regularly. They had ZERO interest in US sets. Sure they tossed out an odd set once in awhile, but nothing serious. They talked recently about ASW & AWI but so far only 1 set of ACW, not counting their early Zouaves.

Re: Buckskin Infantry & War Of 1812

I would urge participants in these threads to refrain from their biased political comments about American Presidents. My ACTUAL President (the one still in office) DID NOTHING TO START THE WAR IN UKRAINE....and is not the one blocking the arms and supplies our Ukranian brothers need to fight for their country. He is not the one who kisses up to Putin. On a more positive note concerning buckskin, I just managed to lasso an unopened set of Italeri's Indian Warriors. I can't wait to introduce them to my sets of Strelet's Tecumseh Warriors. Dreaming of the day when there will be multiple sets of native tribes and mountain men. There are so very few available.