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Re: The Rocket Troop

Brilliant! I finally decided to check out your blog instead of just viewing your Strelets postings, and I’m going to have quite an enjoyable time reading everything. Also you can’t forget the Congreve rocket’s most infamous action: the bombardment of Fort McHenry

Re: The Rocket Troop

Thanks Asher! It's certainly remiss of me not to mention Fort McHenry, though I don't think it did the British much good!

Re: The Rocket Troop

Dear General Picton,

Thank you so much for posting your images of all the hard work you have been working on. I really enjoyed reading about the Rockets. They must have wreaked havoc on any troops trying to march in order. I'm sorry I took so long to reply to this. OK, good luck with your exhibition and thank you, again!

P.S. Very, very nice painting of figures!!! :wink:


Re: The Rocket Troop

GC, you're a kind man, much appreciated!