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Re: Yet more from Mont St Jean

Roger and James,
An interesting discussion of another aspect of the horrors of war. Moving a dead-weight of 500 kg+ is not easy work even with the help of a tractor is it Roger?! In my case, when our old girl was euthanised, I had to try to dig a hole in hard, dry summer soil too.
A lot of them were likely cut up and eaten, don't you think? The field post-battle was immediately scoured for items of value. Horse flesh would have likely been amongst this?
Civilian scourers of a battlefield were not big memoirists.
Mind you, we have the memoirs from the French-allied soldiers re-crossing the battlefield of Borodino commenting on the stench of unburied bodies of men and horses. Still, that was a specific and different circumstance since the locals had 'vanished' and the invading army went onwards to Moscow to defeat in 'victory'.
Regards, James

Re: Yet more from Mont St Jean

The longer I admire the pictures, then I can begin to imagine the emotions of the interactions between the wounded, the medical staffs, and even the French Prisoners. All so real, and would make a good movie, at least a major part of the telling of the story that is this battle! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Yet more from Mont St Jean

Thanks Garrison (and everyone), much appreciated. I'm working on two French battalions, about 1200 men, so there will be a short gap before further updates.