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Margiana (The Newest Info from Linear-A)

Some interesting new photos from Linear-A, including a couple of cool looking Salassi Celts rolling a rock down a hill as well as more Samnite poses. They also listed a new set entitled #044 "Margiana," which seems like it will focus on this region within the ancient Iranian Empires:

Curious to see what they come up with. It may even be a set which contains a mule. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Margiana (The Newest Info from Linear-A)

My humble question is when are Linear-A going to start putting sets from their impressive future releases list on the market so that we can start buying to our hearts' content?

Re: Margiana (The Newest Info from Linear-A)

Dear Giorgius,

You may like to email them directly. I have a couple of times and received a prompt and informative reply from Andreas.

In his last (late Aug) he mentioned that they anticipated 2–3 weeks for the first three mini sets, with the 'normal' sets that are around stage 7 (# 017, # 016, # 030, # 025 and # 018) scheduled after that (no estimated timing for these at that stage).

Naturally, delays are more likely than not at present. They's a coming though!

Regards, James

Re: Margiana (The Newest Info from Linear-A)

Thanks James for the update.

Re: Margiana (The Newest Info from Linear-A)

I wonder what this set will contain. Baktrian warriors? There is a short description in Herodot about the Baktrian warriors fighting behind a barrier of shield against the Hellenes in Plataia.

Re: Margiana (The Newest Info from Linear-A)

Hard to tell, but yes I would guess something from the Diadochi eras or later is likely, as I do not think the evidence is good enough for something pre-Alexandrian. Parthian or Sassanian is also possible.