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Re: С Днём Победы!

That's an interesting phenomenon, when with each subsequent year after the war and fewer actual witnesses the number of "suffering" because of Soviet occupation is ever increasing.
This, however, doesn't address the fact, how it happened, that at the end of the war apart from 2.388.443 German and 156.681 Austrian German POWs in Soviet captivity there were also:
513.766 Hungarians
229.382 Romanians
69.977 Czechs & Slovaks
60.277 Poles
that were taken prisoners with arms in their hands.
These were NOT people forcefully mobilized for works - they were treated not as POWs.

Question remains, who actually killed 26,6 mil. of Soviet citizens, out of which only 9.168.400 were actual servicemen while the rest were civilians and not only Jews or Gypsies? At the moment a silent consensus is that the blame is entirely on the Germans, whereas in reality many, very many others were taking part in atrocities. People must have forgotten old saying, that for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

To put things in proper prospective, there were also POWs in Soviet captivity from Europe outside Soviet zone of occupation, namely:
48.957 Italians
23.136 French
21.830 Yugoslavs
4.730 Dutch
2.377 Finns
2.014 Belgians
1.653 Luxembourgian
456 Danish
452 Spanish
101 Norwegians