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Re: A wargamer's opinion


Actually, one of the issues that I wanted to present in the original post is the use of kickstarters/crowdfunding to test the market before starting a set. I decided to not mention it because I wanted to test Strelets reaction first. I wasn't sure that a kickstarter would be acceptable to Strelets. I am sure it would be a hassle. Based on the results of the 1/72 scale kickstarters over at the Other Company's site, buyers seem to be willing to participate if the contents are what they want. The questions then are is Strelets willing to participate, what are the initial armies/eras to make and what are the contents of the first set(s)?

If the demand is there, I do believe that Strelets should share some of the development costs. However, we wouldn't have any way to verify this, so its a moot point.

I don't believe that bonus figures are necessary. The contents of the set would probably be what you would offer as a bonus figure.

My personal preference would be for a WW2 British 8th Army set in shorts and sized to be compatible with the Airfix and ESCI sets. Reality says that a American Civil War set would be best to take advantage the issue of the upcoming Strelets sets.

Just my 2cents

Pat Brennan

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