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Re: A wargamer's opinion

Hi Paint Dog

It is true that I am a collector and not a wargamer. However, I try to structure my collection so that I could make a wargame army if desired. I also admit that most of the figures that I have collected over the past 20 years are still MIB. The ones before that are off sprue. Actualy, I would love to supplement my collection with the type of figures that you mention.

People talk about gaps in the hobby. They usually mean the particular oddball army or obscure war in which they are interested at the moment (that should provoke some strong comments). The real gap in the hobby is in the support functions. Sets showing command groups, camp life, extra artillery crews, band figures and garrison type sets are needed to supplement the "combat" sets. These sets can even contain clubbing/bayoneting figures for GC.

Strelets Napoleonic French Camp set can still be found inexpensively because it wasn't good enough quality and it appears to have been made in too great a quantity for the marketplace. However, Strelets quality has increased many-fold since then. They seem to have a handle on the quantities to make. So I don't think that set shows a precedent. Strelets "Big Boxes" handle this type of thing but who wants to pay a small fortune to get the few HQ figures when they already have all they need of the standard boxes. This approach is between the standard set and the "Big Box".

Aa I think about it, maybe the best approach to get started would be for Strelets to release the extra figures from its "Big Box" sets as stand-alone. Those figures aren't exactly what I had in mind but they don't require any more development costs and the molds MAY still exist. It could test the concept. I would buy single copies of many of them just for their novelty. I didn't buy the "Big Box" sets because I already had multiples of the standard sets that went with them or I didn't care about that era. We've discussed this before and Strelets has said No but let's try again.

Just another 2 cents (more like a quarter)

Pat Brennan

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