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Bonjour à tous,

Une heureuse nouvelle, le site de "RedBox", est de nouveau accessible. Dommage qu'il n'y ait rien de nouveau en production.

Cordialement à tous.


Re: RedBox

Ce le sera peut-être bientôt.

Re: RedBox

Je l'espère vivement, car j'attends leurs prochaines productions et principalement la série des cosaques. Si la gravure est égale à celle des mousquetaires . . . . .


Re: RedBox

"Peut-être bientôt" me semble-t-il bien!

Re: RedBox

Re: RedBox

Very good, Haron!

To be honest, both of these British sets look exactly the same. Are they? They are in fact so 'similar' that the Dragoons set seem to have given up on their 'guidon' standard and gone for a regular cavalry square model instead.

Whatever the case, from what I can see in the figures photo they look very good as mid C18th British cavalrymen, and in my book that is all that matters.

Any news on the Prince's Bodyguard/FitzJames Horse set?

Re: RedBox

Fix error.

Re: RedBox

Thank you. These figures look very good indeed!