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Re: Dark Alliance Suggestion/ Request

Ole Ben
Just give it time friend, the bug will bite him soon enough. Where do you live that has a toysoldier expo every quarter? There is never anything close like that where I live.
I live in Kensington, Md. The show I go to is the Heart of the South Toy Soldier in Annandale, Virginia, which is about a 30 minute drive for me. They have shows in February, June, September and December. It's nice to go to not just for all the cool stuff on sale but also to mix with fellow hobby enthusiasts. I'm hoping to take my son with me once he's old enough.

Re: Dark Alliance Suggestion/ Request

You are right up the road then. I live in Eden, North Carolina. Maybe five mile from the Virginia line. I will look that up. Once this plague has left us maybe things will get back to normal. Thanks again.

Re: Dark Alliance Suggestion/ Request

Well done Ben.

Re: Dark Alliance Suggestion/ Request

I agree that some Sci Fi would be nice, but I really support your notion of ancient Skeleton Warriors. The current Army of the Dead is great, but they are more ghostly than undead. Ancient & medeval skeleton warriors, to compliment the Caesar set, would be awesome. Mummy Chariots would be fun, but I'd like to see some Werewolf Warriors & Vampire Warriors also, ala Caesar's Ratmen & Lizardmen. (Hate to keep lauding Caesar, but they did come up with some interesting & supplimental Fantasy sets!)

However, I am NOT ready for Dark Alliance to abandon Tolkien yet. Still way more I want to see; Gondor infantry & cavalry, Rohan infantry at Helm's Deep. Armored Dwarvish infantry& cavalry, more Elves, Dwarves, Orcs & men. Character figures, etc.