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Re: The Emperor Domitian

Indeed they were. It was later when they turned into entertainment but their origins were in the Etruscan funeral rituals.
...but I think we c(sh)ouldn't count all those later gladiator figures as religious figures.

Re: religious figures

Quite right getting my emperors Confused, incidently Commodus ruled for 13 years the gladiator film would have you believe this was at most 2 or 3...



If I am recalling my history correctly, I belevie Commudos really was alleged to have been killed in the area. I beleive it was a rigged fight, but not rigged the way Commodus had expected.

Re: religious figures

Has anybody mentioned the kneeling monk in the Strelets Anglo-Saxons set,who for some reason is holding both arms up.

Re: Re: religious figures

You are right. There is as well a jewish priest in the POBEDA jewish figures for Masada