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religious figures

Hi there,
I was looking in awe the other day to my recent acquisition from Valdemar (a medieval priest holding an icon, from the set of russian infantry) and I started to go through my memory to try to remember how many religious figures have been produced so far.
I remember the greek priest from Atlantic, the druids from Hat, the missioners from Imex, I guess in the Pharaoh's Court from Atlantic you can find a sort of priest as well.
Couls you help with the others please?
Thank you

Re: religious figures

monk at the airfix robin hood set

Re: Re: religious figures

and I suppose Jesus from Odemar

Re: Re: Re: religious figures

A few others

Indians and Missionaries set - Catholic monks.

Cossack Foot and Artillery - an Orthodox priest;
Chechen miltants - an iman and others kneeling at prayer.

Swedish Foot of the GNW - Lutheran minister;
Big Box - Crimean Russian command and hospital- Orthodox priests and Icon bearers in procession.

In some of the big sets, Orthodox and Catholic bishops.

Early US puritan set - a minister.

The Zombie set has a preacher, with cross and bible.

Have a great Sunday, Frank

Re: Re: Re: Re: religious figures

and not to mention LW/Evo Inquisition Set

and Orion has a cowering monk in their Viking set

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: religious figures

Great! Thank you all

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: religious figures

Ceasar Miniatures Hebrew Warriors has some Jewish religious figures and the recently released Orion Scythian Cavalry has a well dressed foot figure that I am not sure about, maybe a high official.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: religious figures

more religious figures

To complete the "sacred" list:

-Still another monk in the vikings and franks set form STRELETS
- A priest in the CAESAR INCA SET
-Mounted warrior bishop and foot monk with cross in STRELETS-MEDIEVAL BRITAIN
-VALDEMAR: mediavel bishops set, plus bishop Ascalon and bishop Von Tartu in danish knights set
-ATLANTIC: as you pointed,m there are two figures (old bald men) passing as priests in PHARAOH set
-HAT ETRUSCANS: there is a priest woth snakaes and a torch

Surely we still miss some...

religious themes

I would like to see more sets based on whole themes. Say a Temple set built around the ark including priests guards a few personalities and a congregation, the Stations of the Cross, or the already done nativity. Mesoamerican and Polynesian sets could also provide spectacular sets based on religious rituals and temple scenes. As would many others.

Re: religious themes

Dear All

to add

Red box

Sohei and Ikko Ikki Buddhists

In the Ninja box you have a, less war like, mendicant Buddhist priest/monk playing his shakuhachi(actually 4 of em so a band/quartet )

The Pegasus Rangers D day set looks as if it has a chaplain figure (the one with no back pack leaning over a figure)

Re: Re: religious themes

It's the Rangers. Are you sure the figure leaning over the casualty isn't just picking his pockets?

Re: Re: Re: religious themes

Dear Ian

You terrible wee man. You will have the Ranger fraternity on your back now.That was Ranger not Rangers (oops I mentioned football)


Re: religious figures

Strelets have Produced a few good Napoleon's in their sets, I have often heard Napoleon being called the God of war would that count?o:)]

Re: Re: religious figures

Druids in HAT Celtic Command

Re: Re: Re: religious figures

The Pegasus D-Day set does indeed have a chaplain kneeling over a wounded man.

051 - Russian General Staff and Hospital Set has a number of Orthodox figues, I have three sets just for the religions figures. A nice procession with icons and flags, etc. They serve my White Russians, RCW, and my Soviet Russians, WWII and my WWII Germans too.

I really like Christian religious figures, I think I have all of them, and I am always looking for more of them.

Re: Re: Re: Re: religious figures

I didn't realise there were so many. Thanks again

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: religious figures

Let's not forget pharaoh himself as in Atlantic sets and Zvezda set and as the bonus figure with Caesar Nubian warriors.
Then the Assyrian and Median divine kings as bonus figures with Caesar Egyptian chariots.
And the Valkyrie with Orion Vikings.

Re: religious figures

Many Roman emperors were declared divine and therefore would count as religious figures this would naturally apply to their plastic effigies

Orion emperor Domitian? from gladiator set

Emperor in Atlantic gladiators and christians

Naturally the pharoah is also any list should include them....
Various atlantic ceasar sets

The Passion

These are not a proper commercial production, but are still religious figures that may be available.

Last Easter I made some mini-dioramas inspired to Mel Gibson's film "The passion", they include religious characters of jude priests, Mary, Magdalene, and obviously Christ in different poses for each scene.

With convertion and sculpting work I made the miniatures for the lashing, the sentence and the cricifixion. I will make further scenes in future.

You can see them here:

I made the moulds of the masters of these miniatures, so I kept the masters unpainted and cast resin copies of them for the dioramas.

I can also cast some further copies if someone is interested, and send them by post.
And the masters can be available for a serious production if a producer like them.


Re: The Passion

Nice figure Phersu.

We also have Jeiwsh high priests from Mars.

I wonder who will be bold enough to give us a figure of 'the prophet' (not wanting to mention his name...)

Re: The Passion

Hello Phersu,

They look really nice indeed,

How should we proceed if i am interested in getting copies of some of these figures of your own production?


The Emperor Domitian

was not deified although the Orion figure was probably Commodos from the film. My same history book is less clear as to weather or not Commodus was deified. They say "No(?)". I think that the gladatorial games were orginally part of a funeral right.

Re: The Emperor Domitian

Indeed they were. It was later when they turned into entertainment but their origins were in the Etruscan funeral rituals.
...but I think we c(sh)ouldn't count all those later gladiator figures as religious figures.

Re: religious figures

Quite right getting my emperors Confused, incidently Commodus ruled for 13 years the gladiator film would have you believe this was at most 2 or 3...



If I am recalling my history correctly, I belevie Commudos really was alleged to have been killed in the area. I beleive it was a rigged fight, but not rigged the way Commodus had expected.

Re: religious figures

Has anybody mentioned the kneeling monk in the Strelets Anglo-Saxons set,who for some reason is holding both arms up.

Re: Re: religious figures

You are right. There is as well a jewish priest in the POBEDA jewish figures for Masada