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Re: The Passion

Hello Phersu,

They look really nice indeed,

How should we proceed if i am interested in getting copies of some of these figures of your own production?


The Emperor Domitian

was not deified although the Orion figure was probably Commodos from the film. My same history book is less clear as to weather or not Commodus was deified. They say "No(?)". I think that the gladatorial games were orginally part of a funeral right.

Re: The Emperor Domitian

Indeed they were. It was later when they turned into entertainment but their origins were in the Etruscan funeral rituals.
...but I think we c(sh)ouldn't count all those later gladiator figures as religious figures.

Re: religious figures

Quite right getting my emperors Confused, incidently Commodus ruled for 13 years the gladiator film would have you believe this was at most 2 or 3...



If I am recalling my history correctly, I belevie Commudos really was alleged to have been killed in the area. I beleive it was a rigged fight, but not rigged the way Commodus had expected.

Re: religious figures

Has anybody mentioned the kneeling monk in the Strelets Anglo-Saxons set,who for some reason is holding both arms up.

Re: Re: religious figures

You are right. There is as well a jewish priest in the POBEDA jewish figures for Masada