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Re: Strelets and Zvezda Russian Medieval Horsemen

The guy with the bird of prey on his arm realy looks the part as does the guy on the camel. nice figures to go alongside my Strelets and Zvezda figures from this era.

Re: Re: Strelets and Zvezda Russian Medieval Horsemen

First I Agree with Ted about the 5 only poses point, as well as with the Roman and Gallic Cavalries mess.
On the other hand I agree with Martin and Peter about the poses that look superb. That is may be why we can regret they are so few poses.
Finally this command set will complete well the first Mongol set. I can't help myself from imagining me taking pleasure in painting those figures while listenning to BORODINE "Cental Asia Steppes" because there is something Mythical with those new Mongols Figures.
To finish with Mongols and Chinese were close so with the new Italeri (that we cannot see yet) Chinese set will may be provide us too with some interresting good poses figures.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets and Zvezda Russian Medieval Horsemen

While I like the command figures I personally am unimpressed by the existing mongol figures sold by Italeri/Zvezda. They don't meet today's standard and I had hoped for a proper set.