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Hopefully French Infantry sleeping, eating and taking a s*** is next . . .

in order to fund crimean Turks & CW British/French arty.

Come on guys, I like Strelets recent Napy sets, but this is a bit much.

Re: Re: Okay I would certainly like Firing Line and Advancing sets!

The thought of a 'firing line' and 'advancing' sets might push me into Napoleonics.

A firing line with 12 poses shooting, tearing cartridges, ramming home, etc with a look of desperation on their faces!
Of course for Russians and French

Advancing sets also

BTW the HAT set is the only 1808-1812 French line so Strelets will be a welcome addition for Napoleonic collectors

Firing Line and Advancing sets for 1812 would be welcomed

to acompany the fine chassuers and russian grenadiers. I would love to see Strelets expand on the Russian campaign with something other than plain old marching. Perhaps a big box set would be appropriate.

Standing at attention in 18 different poses, please!