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New sets- French infantry on the march

Cool! Seems like a set very suitable for wargames. Could you give us any info on the exact time period, or if they're in greatcoats, campaign dress or full dress?

Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

This is very good news!

Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

oh not..... again

Re: Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

I hope they will be for the 1809-1812 period (all with backpacks and fixed bayonets)!!! Do your historical research well!

Leave the gators on too please

I like the older ore 1809 look myself.

Re: Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

As for Napoleonic sets, if you make them, we will buy them.

Re: Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

Monumental waste of plastic. The next set will no doubt be those cuirassiers all facing left.

Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

I understand why Strelets is making this set, but I feel it is a waste! HAT has already chosen NOT to make such a set, instead providing, IMO, way too many marching poses in their regular sets. I just feel this is counter productive on Strelets' part. It works great for the Romans as nobody has done nearly anything equivalent, but HAT supplies tons of marchers in all their Napoleonic sets so this one is unnecessary. I just feel something else would have been a better more useful choice!

Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

I don't mind, Ill buy several of them, if they are good.
(I'll'almost feel sorry for non-nappy fans, but I'm happy)

Re: Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

So am I.



Re: Re: Re: Re: New sets- French infantry on the march

Marching infantry need a band...correct

Yes to the Band Idea

I've wanted marching bands from all centuries, since at least the last century

More marching and at-ease poses!

I'm a great fan of any marching and at-ease sets, given that there are only so many soldiers who can be on the firing line at any given time. I'm looking forward to the marching French and the winter-dress Uhlans for that very reason.

And good news for Hank!

The good news for Hank is that if you take the marching French, do a head-swap, substitute weapons, shave off all the accoutrements, rebuild tunics from putty, eliminate the gaiters, and do a masterful painting job, then Voila! you've got Crimean Turks! Everyone wins!

Re: And good news for Hank!

Very good news from Strelets!
French infantry on the march, is that French infantry marching on the field of battle or marching to the field of battle? Anyway, I could use both!
I sincerely hope this will be the start of a series of mini-series, covering sets of "at ease", "advancing", "storming", "in the fireline" infantry + of course the, so far neglected, casualties. And furthermore, this should not be confined to the French only. Prussians, Austrians and Russians should at least be represented.
Finally a manufacturer who doesn't go for the "eight-poses-cover-everything" approach!

Hopefully French Infantry sleeping, eating and taking a s*** is next . . .

in order to fund crimean Turks & CW British/French arty.

Come on guys, I like Strelets recent Napy sets, but this is a bit much.

Re: Re: Okay I would certainly like Firing Line and Advancing sets!

The thought of a 'firing line' and 'advancing' sets might push me into Napoleonics.

A firing line with 12 poses shooting, tearing cartridges, ramming home, etc with a look of desperation on their faces!
Of course for Russians and French

Advancing sets also

BTW the HAT set is the only 1808-1812 French line so Strelets will be a welcome addition for Napoleonic collectors

Firing Line and Advancing sets for 1812 would be welcomed

to acompany the fine chassuers and russian grenadiers. I would love to see Strelets expand on the Russian campaign with something other than plain old marching. Perhaps a big box set would be appropriate.

Standing at attention in 18 different poses, please!