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Re: And don't forget Florence...

I would suggest the 'Heeresgeschichtliche Museum' in Vienna! I be deeply impressed about this great Army museum!!! It documents the Great Austrian history in a valuable manner!

With Elton John's Song 'Vienna waits for you!'

Martin Macalka

What they said and Crete too

Hello Dave
A trip I have done that takes in culture, Natural History, Archaeology, Ancient History,Ottoman history and WWII History to mention a few is a trip to Crete.
The way I enjoyed best; Fly to Athens visit the Acropolis, wander around the City see the Evzone Guard and see if you can spot one under seven foot tall.(I'm six foot and they seem to tower over me, and you should see their 'silly walk'; I think they gave John Cleese the idea for his sketch in 'Monty Python')
Take the metro to Pirieas. Get the overnight ferry to Iraklion (Crete's capital with a great museum). Visit Knossos, Gortyn, Rethimno(a beautiful Harbour town) and then up the mountains to the Minoan Cemetary at Armeni. Then to Plakias and on to Hora Sfakia where the Allies were evacuated in 1941. You should also pass Rodakino where the captured German General was sailed off the Island and an old Venetian Castle at Frangokastello.
At Hora Sfakia you have choices of a boat trip to Louto, a mountain drive up to Anapolis where the old gentlemen still dress in the traditional 'andartes' costume and carry guns.(mostly for shooting rabbits).Or you could take the main Chania road up the mountain above the Imbros Gorge and see Eagles and Vultures and you could visit George's WWII museum there. George was ten years old when he helped some British officers in their exploits. He still has the scar in his head where a German shot him for his trouble.
If you then head for Chania (another beautiful harbour town)you can get a ferry back to Pirieas.
I shall be out there again in June of this year and I hope to call in to see my ol' friend.

Re: What they said and Crete too

That is a neat place Murat, very serene and Idyllic.A great place to leave all ones troubles behind and recouperate with military annuls and metaxas hic

Re: Re: What they said and Crete too

Hello Hank
I find the Metaxas a little harsh. except the seven star variety.
I prefer the Cretan Raki; Nearly every Villager distills his or herown and it is usually given free with anything you buy, be it a meal or just a beer, retsina or cochino.
I should of mentioned the great beaches, rocky walks and for those who like to go wild, the variable night life; ranging from the traditional Tavernas and Raki-bars with tradition music to the inevitable disco and girlie bars with 'pop' music.

Re: Re: Re: What they said and Crete too

Ah Happy days soaking up metaxas a palate saviour from cheap greek red wine dining .The great goat meat in the tavernas with my German girlfriend from Schlewig-Holstein and an Argentinian couple from Mar del Plata. Saw many of the ancient sites and relics in museums which helped inspire my interest imn 1/72 models.

Re: Is It True That All Roads Lead To Rome ... ???

2500 years of history, head of an Empire for 500 years, Rome is the town with the higher number of archeological sites.

Detour required

My por bella Napoli /naples is a different matter.Not good for tourism all the trash .