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Re: Re: New sets

intersing those English:)

Re: Re: Re: New sets

I was so hoping for English foot soldiers. I am currently planning a 1302 Gulden spurs game (in 1302 guilts and cities in the county of Flanders defeated the army of the French king). I just love the idea of untrained civilians on foot defeating those well armoured mounted knights. The main force will be made up with the strelets levy sets but I will add some zvezda French and English soldiers (notably the kneeling poses or soldiers with lances).

So I am very looking forward to them

Re: New sets

Thankyou Yevgen, you always are the first one to give us this information. Do you know anything about MiniArt? Are they going to continue to produce 1/72 sets? Thankyou

Re: Re: New sets

Jason is right
You are always the first to provide us with those FIRST CLASS good information.
Thanks a lot.