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New sets



Re: New sets

english infantry looks COOL

but what about polish wingd hussars???

Re: New sets


British light cav. looks very good (Size ???)

English foot 100 YW was to be expected ... looking forward to it.

Does anybody has any experience with ordering on line at JADAR Hobby shop (quick delivery etc ... ?)


Re: Re: New sets

intersing those English:)

Re: Re: Re: New sets

I was so hoping for English foot soldiers. I am currently planning a 1302 Gulden spurs game (in 1302 guilts and cities in the county of Flanders defeated the army of the French king). I just love the idea of untrained civilians on foot defeating those well armoured mounted knights. The main force will be made up with the strelets levy sets but I will add some zvezda French and English soldiers (notably the kneeling poses or soldiers with lances).

So I am very looking forward to them

Re: New sets

Thankyou Yevgen, you always are the first one to give us this information. Do you know anything about MiniArt? Are they going to continue to produce 1/72 sets? Thankyou

Re: Re: New sets

Jason is right
You are always the first to provide us with those FIRST CLASS good information.
Thanks a lot.