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Re: Re: Big Band Sets

this theme brings back memories, many years ago i
converted Airfix bandsmen into ACW musicians for both sides, basically head swops, Confederate band 1st Virginia, did a good job on drum major, still playing well, also made Scots Greys band for Crimea using Airfix bandsmen and US Cavalry

as for metal, Kennington did a few Napoleonic , i've got in my collection the Minifigs bandsmen, French guard,mounted bands and British

K & L/ Thomas Industries produced in true 20mm scale Acw bandsmen, slightly smaller than our plastic figs but ok

Alberken fore runner of Minifigs made very nice Frech Guard band, nice figs
cheers old john

Re: Re: Re: Big Band Sets

thanks for the info John ,its good to hear about these figures. and yes its a pity we dont have more band figures.

I would add a Glenn Miller style Band for WW2 BE GOOD FOR DIORAMA folk.One of the sad mysteries of ww2 that was never accounted for.