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you guys will be playing with dolls houses soon

we wait long enough for some sets to come out and you guys want a load of civillian non-combatants, phooey..

Re: you guys will be playing with dolls houses soon

Non-combatants? Some Saxon women have proved to be very dangerous to Viking health in some of our games!! Just substitute victims for the owrd civilian :-)

speed bumps

And a bunch of French civilians clogging up the roads in 1941 may be all that will save my retreating French from the Nazis.

Re: speed bumps

If their retreating in 1941 then it must be the slowest retreat in history :-).

Actually did a game once where French commander was hamperd by refugees in getting to the front. Outcome of game was decided by a points system, the further the Germans got across the table the more points they got and the more the French held them back then the more they got. When dealing with civilians french commander was penalised for using force to get refugees out of his way - tough decision - shoot your own people to get at the Boche before he gets too far or hope you can gradually get through and push him back when you get there eventually.

Re: Re: speed bumps

Great idea, I think!

Re: Re: Re: speed bumps

Not if you're a French civilian!

Re: Re: Re: Re: speed bumps

Better on a wargames table than for real.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: speed bumps

True, graham.
There's a thread over at TMP about "adult" themes in wargames....adding rape, looting etc.
I personally find it a distateful idea.
I'm happiest just pushing my bits of plastic (& metal)
around a table without adding the worst of the 6.00 News to it.

Three to five Basic Types

There are at least three basic civilian activities for any given period. One would be Nuetrals, like farmers, costruction workers, basic crowds etc. Another group would be victems and/or refugees for scenareos ranging from the colussium in Rome to current conflicts. Finanlly there would be fighting civilians representing everything from resistance and revolution to terrorists, gangsters and other criminals.

I'm not sure if police, fire and ambulance ciyunt as civilian or military sets. They may make up an important fourth catagory.

A fifth type may also be sets of major league sports figures in action.