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Re: bad weather cuirassiers

You have 9 troopers and 3 command figures. If you want to show an attacking unit in a diorama the fellows with the musket and the pistol are out of business as well. At least 7 usefull troopers are are not very much.
To strelets: you should do mini-cavalry sets for the future: Just attacking or just resting without any command.
best regards

Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

I like them! I guess you can use them as dragoons as well; same overcoat & helmet.

Re: Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

Absolutely brilliant!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

My thoughts too, Duco.
Some very smart Dragoons or Cuirassiers.
Well done Strelets!
They are superb.

Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

I see your point, Holger.
But as I am a wargamer it doesn't apply to me.
I hope you could perhaps use the "useless" figures for conversions?
regards, donald