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bad weather cuirassiers

Love them!
The new French cuirassiers in cloaks will be fantastic for 1812 but also the Campaign of 1814 which was often fought in appalling weather as well as battles such as Dresden, fought in the rain.
Well done, strelets.

Re: bad weather cuirassiers

You have 9 troopers and 3 command figures. If you want to show an attacking unit in a diorama the fellows with the musket and the pistol are out of business as well. At least 7 usefull troopers are are not very much.
To strelets: you should do mini-cavalry sets for the future: Just attacking or just resting without any command.
best regards

Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

I like them! I guess you can use them as dragoons as well; same overcoat & helmet.

Re: Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

Absolutely brilliant!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

My thoughts too, Duco.
Some very smart Dragoons or Cuirassiers.
Well done Strelets!
They are superb.

Re: Re: bad weather cuirassiers

I see your point, Holger.
But as I am a wargamer it doesn't apply to me.
I hope you could perhaps use the "useless" figures for conversions?
regards, donald