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Re: Trenches hammered for Malakhof/Mamalon diorama

Couldnt agree more. The Strelets format is so well set up for dioramas that it only seems logical to create the scenes/forts/trenches/buildings to go with them.

I know there are punters out there that will always make their own but having worked on a couple of scenes myself recently, it is time consuming.

Let me see....... yep a couple of redoubts to go with the Borodino/Crimean sets ...... and in a modular format, we are in business.

Incidently Dave, I could not find your earlier letter that you refer to. Any chance of a repost???

regards Mike McA

Re: Re: Trenches hammered for Malakhof/Mamalon diorama

Dear Mike McA,

I'm afraid my drawing and letter were actual papers. I postal mailed these directly to the Strelets-R address on their box. So unfortunately, there is no on-line trail. All we can do is cross our fingers. :-)

Cheers - Dave