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Trenches hammered for Malakhof/Mamalon diorama

Be nice if someone would make a model section of the Malakhof/Mamalon defense similar to the light weight (very shipable) zvezda Heavy Bombard model.

Several of these type of "pie slice models" could then side by side make a fortification etc.

The Strelets Naval guns would look so cool in such a model.Plus need alot of figures to defend and also to attack fortifications.Anyone got idea how to make these ?.

I very recently imported some heavy IT Figures trenches and they arrived/USA all smashed up in pieces.(Possibly Customs/Excise Officers)ah well.

Re: Trenches ... 19th & 20th Century Trench & Seige Warfare

Hi Hank,

About a year ago, I actually drew a draft design of a single sprew in S*R fashion for soft plastic snap-together pieces which would provide one cannon emplacement, one small redoubt wall with a single-firing step for riflemen, and 2 45-degree angle corner pieces. Put 3 sprews in one box, and it is the equivalent of a Cavalry set. Two boxes, and you can assemble a circular or square redoubt in the tradition of the Crimean War thru the American Civil War and into the First World War. It would be great for dioramas or anything toy soldiers.

The design consists of plug-together pieces like the old Atlantic Western Town sets. Small but fine for 1/72 scale, and economial and would fit in any Strelets single-set box.

I postal mailed this idea in sketch form to the S*R Team. I hope someday they will make it or something similar as it is intended to cover "19th & 20th Century Trench & Seige Warfare." I hope others support this idea of someone making these in soft plastic for practical and economical purposes.

Here's to hoping! :-)

Re: Re: Trenches ... 19th & 20th Century Trench & Seige Warfare

Hi Dave,I dont know why there isnt more focus on diorama things.Your "slice" sounds good in concept and theory.I'd expect a Russian company to make a Mmalakhof/Mamalon.Ands as you say its suitability for American Civil War may attract big dollars.

Really i'd expect a big battle set from each major 1/72 manufacturer to include a strong point of some sort.

The airfix forts were the best thing at the time and i did get them all plus many more figures to game with.

God knows how many of us have to raid train set accessories etc.Just not enough wargaming diorama sets like these.

Bellona didnt quite get to the standard it should have.Conflix is REALLY 15mm way too small to say they are 20mm (utter bee ess of them to promote it so).

I think its back to drawing board and seeing whats up.

Re: Re: Re: Trenches ... 19th & 20th Century Trench & Seige Warfare

Hello Hank,

Yes, I agree. Some well-thought-out accessory sets would benefit the hobby, and like the old Atlantic soft plastic forts, towns, accessory sets would end up becoming classics.

The Airfix forts were a dream come true for kids, and as conversion parts, the same for adults.

The Marx HO sets with accessories were tops too!

As for my tastes, I simply do not enjoy big chunky plaster or heavy resin stuff. I like soft plastic soldiers and the hard plastic Airfix Fort Sahara is great for conversions, yet still light.

I bought up about a dozen Atlantic Far West Town sets off eBay, at a small fortune, to make a kind of diorama of the Boer War "Relief of Ladysmith." Just a small Main Street kind of scene. This was how it became obvious that a Trench & Seige Warfare accessory set could easily be possible.

It would be easy to make some solid pieces at home, but I would rather spend my time making money, and then spend my money on S*R products. :-)

I wish the S*R Team would reconsider doing this. If the first letter to them was lost, I could resend another copy of the general idea to them.

Anyway, it's all for fun!

Happy Dreaming & Collecting

Re: Trenches hammered for Malakhof/Mamalon diorama

Couldnt agree more. The Strelets format is so well set up for dioramas that it only seems logical to create the scenes/forts/trenches/buildings to go with them.

I know there are punters out there that will always make their own but having worked on a couple of scenes myself recently, it is time consuming.

Let me see....... yep a couple of redoubts to go with the Borodino/Crimean sets ...... and in a modular format, we are in business.

Incidently Dave, I could not find your earlier letter that you refer to. Any chance of a repost???

regards Mike McA

Re: Re: Trenches hammered for Malakhof/Mamalon diorama

Dear Mike McA,

I'm afraid my drawing and letter were actual papers. I postal mailed these directly to the Strelets-R address on their box. So unfortunately, there is no on-line trail. All we can do is cross our fingers. :-)

Cheers - Dave