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Re: French Light cav

Yes, it would be great!! Could I add hussars also?Maybe with tall cilindrical shakos, making the hussars easily convertible to guard d'honeur

Re: Re: French Light cav

Dear friends,

in 2007 we will release several Napoleonic French cavalry sets, most probably 3. Which particular sets will be released we will advise later on.



Re: Re: Re: French Light cav

That's very good news!

Re: Re: Re: Re: French Light cav

fantastic news! Are these Metropolitan French or exotic/foreign French?


Re: Re: Re: French Light cav

A set of french cuirassiers on big horse would also be very great!!!

Re: Re: Re: French Light cav

Excellent news - I always like to see (and buy) new Naps sets. French cavalry will be good to look forward to. No preferences - whatever you guys make will be interesting to me

Re: Re: Re: French Light cav

Bravo Strelets! You make 'em and I'll certainly buy 'em.

Re: French Light cav

That`s fantastic news!
I´m really looking forward to see which units Strelets will choose!
BTW another good opportunity for some french cavalry would be the now started Franco-Prussian-War-line!
And of course some cavalry of their prussian/bavarian/württemberger/"german" enemies as well!

Russian dragoons

Hi Strelets,

I am always happy to get new napoleonic stuff and there are a lot of missing cavalry units for all nations.

As for the Russians, the Dragoons for 1812-15 would complete my cavalry


Re: Russian dragoons

Dear Uwe,

and what would you say about cavalry in winter outfit? I guess without it Russian cavalry for 1812 will be incomplete?


Re: Re: Russian dragoons

Dear Strelets,

Russian cavalry in winter dress would be great. Cuirassiers in greatcoat with Cuirass for 1812 or 1814 etc. Sounds a good idea! And then I can send you some paintings of German cavalry in winter dress.


Re: Re: Russian 1805 dragoons

Make 1805 Russian cavalry (Cuirassier, dragoon and hussars)for Austerlitz.
René Dave.

Re: Re: Re: Russian 1805 dragoons

But HaT already make a set for this period. A Strelets set would be nice as it would add variety, but I would prefer something new initially - artillery would be good (please)