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Re: Re: question and suggestion

Dear Pavol,

as we've mentioned in our reply to Martin we aren't planning going into FPW. We believe that you may have some surprises in the future any way.

7YW is an interesting subject and that may be a possibility.

We aren't planning adversaries to the Army of Alexander Nevsky, since there are a lot of them already at the market. We saw that so far no shields walls had been made in 1/72 and that was what made us to make such a set. We are going to exploit this idea in the near future with other medieval sets. Announcements will follow. Keep visiting our web site for the news.

Best regards,


Re: question and suggestion

Dear Martin,

thank you for your message.
The 6 new sets started distribution from the UK. Unfortunately we don't sell to Austria direct so we can't tell you when they will make their way through to your country. We will try to establish a contact with shops in Vienna during our visit there at the beginning of November.
We made about 2500 of each of these sets. We don't use the term "limited edition" because all sets are issued in limited numbers but what we can say is that several of our sets have been completely sold out and will never be re-issued again, for example, 001, 003, 004, 012, 016, 017, 018. We prefer to release completely new sets in stead of those that have been sold out, like we did in case of Army of Alexander Nevsky or like we are going to do in some other cases that will be announced a bit later on.
We aren't going to make FPW unless some of the French units are the same as they were in the Crimean war.
We will possibly extend the WWI line beyond the cavalry since there are some obvious gaps that shall be filled in. The problem with the hospital/camp/command/similar themes is that they don't sell in big numbers and, therefore, shall be accompanied by other sets to make them economical. That causes grumbling of the customers who don't like paying for 4 sets in stead of 1 only, so we can't exploit it too often.
Boxer rebellion isn't our theme. Orion have started it and, hopefully, will complete it one day.
We will make further artillery sets, primarily for the Crimean war. Other areas are already reasonably covered.

Best regards,