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question and suggestion

Dear Strelets, since weeks I have been urgently waiting for your upcomming new 6 figure-sets!!!! I really love them, althought I recognised that the horses are well known. For me one realy important aspect is also the box illustration!!! Absolut Great!!! I like the style of your figures and I recognised each time some improvements!!!! Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!
A question: Please let us know in which amount each set is planned. I was thinking that each of your items are a limited edition!?
A second question -I know we still had this discussion here some month before- I would love- if you can decide to do eg. 20 sets for the German-brother war and the Franco-Prussian War with all units. I think it would be a great success.
And: Please think about a medival court-set!
And: Please not only cavalries for WWI -please make also some other interesting units eg. German Field Hospital, French Gasmask-Team etc. And what about the Boxer Rebellion???

Last but not least: Please make more Artillery-sets!

Best regards from Austria!

Martin Macalka

Re: question and suggestion

I also would like to see WWI infantry sets,Franco-prussian war 1870.Also would like to suggest austrian army 1866 war with prussia.

Also any change of producing 7 years war?Prussian,Russian,Austrian armies?

Any plains for Nevsky's set?Sveds,Tetonic knights?To add variety?

Thanks strelets for nice sets!Please keep going another 6 new sets!Nice.


Re: Re: question and suggestion

It is interesting to observe how Strelets is improving their figures over time. The latest plastic for the WW1 cavalry is a lot easier to work with than the older sprues, which were hard as a rock at times.

Regarding the Franco-Prussian war, Strelets is advertising some of the WW1 cavalry for exactly this war. I guess a paint conversion is all it takes.

BTW, this is off topic, but consider bringing Odemars ' Legion of Nightmare' to your next Halloween party.
Happy Halloween!

Re: Re: Re: question and suggestion

Maybe Strelets is waiting to see how the Emhar Franco Prussian sets look and sell before getting into that period. I do agree with Martin that there are many opportunities for WWI infantry sets and Strelets' multi-pose approach is well suited for this period. The peculiar nature of warfare on the Western Front demands many different figures (e.g. troops in gas-masks, wiring parties, runners, stretcher bearers, carrier pigeon personnel, etc). WWI British infantry is only represented by a good but limited set from Emhar (12 officers?) and the early war Airfix set which also has its limitations. Late-war French are okay, thanks to the HAT re-issue of Airix's excellent set (the best they ever did?). Emhar and HAT have produced American troops but late-war Germans are in short supply (just paid $20 for a set of Revell WWI infantry). What do you think, Strelets?

Re: Re: question and suggestion

Dear Pavol,

as we've mentioned in our reply to Martin we aren't planning going into FPW. We believe that you may have some surprises in the future any way.

7YW is an interesting subject and that may be a possibility.

We aren't planning adversaries to the Army of Alexander Nevsky, since there are a lot of them already at the market. We saw that so far no shields walls had been made in 1/72 and that was what made us to make such a set. We are going to exploit this idea in the near future with other medieval sets. Announcements will follow. Keep visiting our web site for the news.

Best regards,


Re: question and suggestion

Dear Martin,

thank you for your message.
The 6 new sets started distribution from the UK. Unfortunately we don't sell to Austria direct so we can't tell you when they will make their way through to your country. We will try to establish a contact with shops in Vienna during our visit there at the beginning of November.
We made about 2500 of each of these sets. We don't use the term "limited edition" because all sets are issued in limited numbers but what we can say is that several of our sets have been completely sold out and will never be re-issued again, for example, 001, 003, 004, 012, 016, 017, 018. We prefer to release completely new sets in stead of those that have been sold out, like we did in case of Army of Alexander Nevsky or like we are going to do in some other cases that will be announced a bit later on.
We aren't going to make FPW unless some of the French units are the same as they were in the Crimean war.
We will possibly extend the WWI line beyond the cavalry since there are some obvious gaps that shall be filled in. The problem with the hospital/camp/command/similar themes is that they don't sell in big numbers and, therefore, shall be accompanied by other sets to make them economical. That causes grumbling of the customers who don't like paying for 4 sets in stead of 1 only, so we can't exploit it too often.
Boxer rebellion isn't our theme. Orion have started it and, hopefully, will complete it one day.
We will make further artillery sets, primarily for the Crimean war. Other areas are already reasonably covered.

Best regards,