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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ... the Rebels had something to do with it

Dear Madpenman,

I have to admit, you are correct about the dashing Confederates. Have you ever seen the movie with Charlton Heston and Richard Harris called "Major Dundee." Harris makes the perfect Southern Gentleman.

And I don't think it is any secret that Robert E. Lee was the most popular personality of the ACW. He was a great American by anybodies standards.

I'm not mad at anybody. You guys are all my best supporters. My idea of passionate support is maybe more like kerosine on fire. I know my opinion is not the final one. Of course, it would be nice if everyone would just agree with me

I like the ACW alot, just like I admire the French Foreign Legion, Franco-Prussian War, Early WWI etc. I simply love the kepi look regardless of Nationality.

Cheers everyone!

the English had something to do with it

Guess who was funding old Johnny Reb in return for cotton. Still vindictive from the AWI. This also kept America's military occupied and distracted from Africa.

zVEZDA is who you should be really clapping dave.

Re: the English had something to do with it

Hi Hank,

No doubt, Zvezda makes some amazing sets. The latest French Artillery has some of the finest poses I've seen. Still, I don't like the hard plastic they use. I know it is popular with wargamers, painters, converters, etc., but I prefer the feel of the S*R soft, posable plastic.

I'll make you a new bet. Since the Crimean Hussars came out without the pelisses, and I don't have to do a conversion set for you, if you really don't like the Union mounted Staff after you have them in your hands, I will buy you any other S*R set and mail it to you. Computer scans do nothing to promote a sets details. I think you'll like the figurines once you can see the details in person. If not, you'll get a free set out of me to compensate you for your purchase.


Take care - Dave H.

the English had something to do with it

Hi Dave,
Well that was a bit of fun.No sweat . I dont have an ACW collection,just Crimean War 20mm and ECW 20mm. I donated my entire 20mm WW2 to a San Francisco Wargame Group many tanks afv's and figures and also my 15mm ACW Fire and Fury armies will be on its way to a group in oregon who will use them.

Bill put the thread laterly into good perspective.

Re: the English had something to do with it

Hank-We could argue endlessly about the effects of the Confederacy's cotton embargo, the rise of alternative areas of cotton production, direct and indirect contributions of various Eurporean states to the war efforts of both sides, etc. I am certain that about all we would accomplish would be to bore most of the other forum members to tears.

If certain economic interests in Britain and France, with the connivance of persons in the British and French governments had not provided material assistance to the Confederacy, it is likely that the conventional war would have ended sooner. On the other hand, if no European material or financial assistance had been extended to the USA, the war might have gone on longer, and even ended with a different result.

the English had something to do with it

Hi Bill,Total agreeance hence keeping it to a minimum.Wonder what would have happened if ..........