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080 - Union General Staff (2) Sprews

Dear Strelets*R,

The Union mounted officers look wonderful! This sculptor does very nice work.

This set will be useful for using with U.S. Cavalry Officers during the American-Indian Wars too, so hopefully it will find many customers.

I sure hope you follow-up with of course some Infantry for both sides. Mixed backpacks and blanket-rolls for both sides would be great. And a Cavalry set for both sides.

It should be safe to say that Infantry and Cavalry will sell more sets than Officers, especially for Wargamers and Diorama builders who are looking for new and exciting poses.

Keep up the great work Strelets*R Team! Thank you.

Union General Staff (2) looks boring to me

Hi dave,I dont agree they look boring and do not seem to be in a specific group being mounted.No messenger /despatch rider seems to bothered to break into sweat etc.Horses seem to be rather lame and not terribly disressed by action.

If they were unmounted i think there would have been at least a theme eg around a camp table and tent etc.Gues they will just huddle in a cluster as a group.

As mounted i'm not able to differentiate teh figures much from that photo image.

Re: Union General Staff (2) Fine Looking Set

Hi Hank,

I hope when you actually have the figurines in your hands, and can really see the details, you will be impressed. PSR will list the actual personalities when they do their review.

This is the mounted box. The dismounted box is set 046 - Union General Staff (already released), which has lots of battle action poses. If you want a table with map, then the Nappy British Allied Chiefs of Staff (foot also) has a great table with map on it. I bought a few extra sets just for the map tables, to use with ACW, Crimean War, Boer War, etc.

This is only the 3rd set so far for ACW. We need to encourage the S*R Team to release the Confederate General Staff foot set, and then others to go with the famous leaders, you know, infantry, cavalry, artillery, hospital scenes.

The ACW figurine poses tend to be similar to famous contemporary paintings, so hopefully they can put to use in a famous scene.

Happy Collecting!

Union General Staff (2) dreary bunch

Hi david, Come on David the figures will just look like a bunch of old veterans out for a puff on a cigar on a sunday afternoon.

If they were designed to be in 3 groups of four, eg some around a table .Some One mounting/dismounting .One foot n the stirrup etc (for all teh cavalry figures no one has done such a figure )

A casualty lumped over the saddle .A tearass messenger reigning back the horse. A messanger leaning to deliver a communication etc. STrelets are almost back in 2 dimensionals flats with their cavalry figures.
A command wagon with sun shade campaign chairs table cook set etc .its a dull looking bunch and I'm not going tp say its sunny when its raining laddie.

Strelets, a bit more imagination please.
In wargaming rules command units are small

Re: Union General Staff (2) dreary bunch

I thought the set looked pretty good, but it
was hard to tell from the photos. The Confederate
Mounted Staff was great - but from the Union photos
it was hard to distinguish any individual officers.
As figures of actual people, and staff officers, there
isn't a lot of options as to poses.

Re: Union General Staff (2) Hank - Don't Buy Them!


The only reason any American Civil War sets have been produced by the S*R Team is because of one Sculptor. I'm sorry I can not remember his name. But Strelets*R did post his photo about 7 or 9 months ago. I won't waste my time telling you ...

... the only reason we have any American Civil War Figurines is because of the one singular Sculptor's love and affection for the ACW. One guy. One gosh durn sculptor only. And if you don't like his work, then the S*R Team will give us nothing. S*R gave him no official sponsorship, and they made it perfectly clear. Keep up your negativity, Hank, and we will have not ACW. Will that make you happy?

So, if you want no American Civil War figurines by the super great S*R Team, then just keep up your negative attitude ...

... and you will be right.

As for me, I love the S*R Teams ACW sets, all of them, and have bought many of the realesed sets, and will buy many more of the future sets.

Understand the situation, Hank? Why can't you find a rose in a garden? The S*R Team has spelled it out umpteem times to us non-europeans. I feel extremely grateful. Why can't you?

Happy Complaining and Sniveling?

Re: Re: Union General Staff (2) Hank - Don't Buy Them!

I don´t know why high rank officers should show "Battle action"? This ist not Hollywood.

Union General Staff (2) mundane poses

Hi dave , Well I expected better from strelets and a less bias review from you. Their cavalry figures are not the same standard as the infantry ones.

The word "set" means collective.Strelets cavalry figures look okay individually but with a little imagination they could look like sets.Eg stretcher bearers individually dont look great but when placed together provides some composition/story to what one is looking at.Get the picture....

Dont you recall those WW1 mortar and machine gun crews the first acw and ww1 artillery sets.I played with them for hours, more so than the infantry sets .The cavalry figures would fall over half the time and one would lodse interst etc.hence we now have fixed bases.

Dont forget you do not paint your figures and thereby miss taking them to another dimension, that many others of us do and can see the real finished product.

Ponder. Look at a Don Troiani painting and you will see composition.Look at the superb For King an dCountry "SETS" where each figure compliments each other.With todays technology strelets should be aping thi sin 1/72 scale not taking it back to wagon train cowboys an dindians near flat figures.

This composition is evident with the strelets inafntry figures but the cavalry figures are wooden. A spade is a spade laddie.

I wont drop to a go personal mud slinging contest with you Dave as this forum has lost too many good correspondants and the forum has been pretty dull since because of it. I'm thick skinned so say what you want wont make me flinch an inch.
Love ya Dave

Re: Union General Staff (2) mundane poses

THE set is GREAT and I will buy at least 10 boxes KEEP ACW COMING !!!!!!!!!!!

Union General Staff (2) parade ground tick tocks

Well enjoy the parade.Its probally the reason th e war took 5 years.Too many Chiefs not enough teh way strelets get going on soem native american tribes be awesome.

... the Rebels had something to do with it

Story goes that after the war a group of know it alls were expounding in front of General Pickett their theories about why the Confederates failed to win at Gettysburg. After they'd talked about how this or that person had messed up, someone thought to ask Pickett. His response was that he'd thought that the Yankees had something to do with it.

SOOOO Hank, in response to your comment about it taking five years....

Re: ... the Rebels had something to do with it

I've only posted on this web-site a couple of
months, but I've been surprised a couple of times
at how angry people get over the subject of miniatures.

Re: Re: ... the Rebels had something to do with it

of course the yankees are boring. painted, unpainted, doesn't matter. they lack the dash and cavalier style and elan of their confederate counterparts. when you were a kid playing civil war games, which would you rather have been, a dashing gentleman from Virginia, or some clodhopper from Maine?

Re: Re: Re: ... the Rebels had something to do with it

Dear Everyone,

The whole point of my rant here is, I can be positive, or I can be negative. Truth is, negative is easy. Positive takes a little time and reflection before posting.

When the positive doesn't get any support, and the responses are negative, then I can get negative too.

Is that OK? But not against one of the best 1/72 scale manufacterors in the world. The S*R Team has done a superb job giving it's customers the sets they request. It's like someone recently said, "if you don't like it, don't buy it." I'll be buying the ACW sets.

The 2 Union and 1 Confederate Staff sets are the best ever done in this scale. Overall, not nit-picking on one funny little pose here and there, overall, the 3 sets beat the pants off any other companies sets in this scale ever done.

I ... want ... to ... see ... more ... ACW ... sets ... from ... the ... S*R Team.

I repeat, Great job S*R Team! I can't wait to buy your sets in the U.S.

Re: Re: Re: Re: ... the Rebels had something to do with it

just kidding, dave...i also am glad to see the mounted yank set. (but i'm really waiting for lew armistead with his hat on his sword, you know.) cheers!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ... the Rebels had something to do with it

Dear Madpenman,

I have to admit, you are correct about the dashing Confederates. Have you ever seen the movie with Charlton Heston and Richard Harris called "Major Dundee." Harris makes the perfect Southern Gentleman.

And I don't think it is any secret that Robert E. Lee was the most popular personality of the ACW. He was a great American by anybodies standards.

I'm not mad at anybody. You guys are all my best supporters. My idea of passionate support is maybe more like kerosine on fire. I know my opinion is not the final one. Of course, it would be nice if everyone would just agree with me

I like the ACW alot, just like I admire the French Foreign Legion, Franco-Prussian War, Early WWI etc. I simply love the kepi look regardless of Nationality.

Cheers everyone!

the English had something to do with it

Guess who was funding old Johnny Reb in return for cotton. Still vindictive from the AWI. This also kept America's military occupied and distracted from Africa.

zVEZDA is who you should be really clapping dave.

Re: the English had something to do with it

Hi Hank,

No doubt, Zvezda makes some amazing sets. The latest French Artillery has some of the finest poses I've seen. Still, I don't like the hard plastic they use. I know it is popular with wargamers, painters, converters, etc., but I prefer the feel of the S*R soft, posable plastic.

I'll make you a new bet. Since the Crimean Hussars came out without the pelisses, and I don't have to do a conversion set for you, if you really don't like the Union mounted Staff after you have them in your hands, I will buy you any other S*R set and mail it to you. Computer scans do nothing to promote a sets details. I think you'll like the figurines once you can see the details in person. If not, you'll get a free set out of me to compensate you for your purchase.


Take care - Dave H.

the English had something to do with it

Hi Dave,
Well that was a bit of fun.No sweat . I dont have an ACW collection,just Crimean War 20mm and ECW 20mm. I donated my entire 20mm WW2 to a San Francisco Wargame Group many tanks afv's and figures and also my 15mm ACW Fire and Fury armies will be on its way to a group in oregon who will use them.

Bill put the thread laterly into good perspective.

Re: the English had something to do with it

Hank-We could argue endlessly about the effects of the Confederacy's cotton embargo, the rise of alternative areas of cotton production, direct and indirect contributions of various Eurporean states to the war efforts of both sides, etc. I am certain that about all we would accomplish would be to bore most of the other forum members to tears.

If certain economic interests in Britain and France, with the connivance of persons in the British and French governments had not provided material assistance to the Confederacy, it is likely that the conventional war would have ended sooner. On the other hand, if no European material or financial assistance had been extended to the USA, the war might have gone on longer, and even ended with a different result.

the English had something to do with it

Hi Bill,Total agreeance hence keeping it to a minimum.Wonder what would have happened if ..........