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Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

been gone a whole weekend...must of missed some fireworks! oh well, i'd say i didn't miss much. anyway, i wish to continue using my web name, simply because it gives me some insulation from those seeking ID theft. i rarely post my real name on the web simply for that reason. the maturity level of some people really shows. the urge to bait a fellow, to mash buttons in people is just plain silly to me. besides, a drill instructor made me insensitive to most everything years ago. he insulted my mother, my home state, and me so much that i stopped caring. and it was his job to be nasty, so i don't hold any ill feelings to his mother and all. it's funny to me now.

Re: Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

Yes I use my name for the very same reason (plus it's so fun to pick one!). It's good that we can "rally to the cause" and "police ourselves" as Mr. Hennen said. Let's all just try to be a little nicer, and have a little thicker skin, what do you all say?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

You are right CWD, we have to be "thicker skinned" and, of course, have faith in ourselves that the fun we are having here on this forum is stronger and worth the fight to support and defend it from unconstructive outsiders!

Cheers CWD!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

Yes sir, so true! Cheers to you too! Now if only Mr. O'Brien would stay....

In Him,