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Recomendation to everyone


I've been reading the destructive posts that were started by Little Idiot Boy. This same person ruined the Orion forum and he is trying to ruin this one. Just ignore his idiocy and don't give him the benefit of your time.

A Word On Free Speech

Little Idiot Boy (this is what I will call him because he isn't man enough to share his name) has the god given right to free speech, but he doesn't have the right to a microphone, a pulpit, a forum, a coputer or a keyboard, and he doesn't have the right to be listened to. He doesn't have the right to destroy private property either, which is what this forum is. This forum is the private property of Strelets, and if Strelets kicks Idiot Boy off of the forum it their right to do so. Idiot Boy is free to start his own sorry ass forum and it will either fail or prevail in the market place of ideas. Strelets has graciously invited us in as friends. If you invite someone into your home and they insult your family are you going to allow them to continue because you prize his "free speech", or would you kick him in the nads and put his ass on the curb? I'm afraid that "free speech" has lost its true meaning. Anyone who insults me with his "free speech" will get a free knuckle sandwich on the house.

Now, I hope none of you were upset by my free expression or ideas or my choice of words.

Let's get back to plastic toy soldiers!

Re: Recomendation to everyone

I will now start posting my last name as well, because I am more of a man than Idiot Boy.

Re: Re: Recomendation to everyone

Hi, Scott,
I agree that people should use their full name. When I post nonsense (which, being imperfect, I sometimes do) it makes me ashamed to see my name above it.
Anonymity allows you to have no boundaries.
All in all, I wish this particular spate of nastiness would disappear & we could go back to normal.
regards, donald

Dear Strelets the only solution... using another type of forum like phpBB or something like that. On these forums you have extensive ban management, ban by email address, username or single/multiple IP address or hostname.
Registration is needed,so this means you can not post on another name anymore.

Dear Strelets the only solution... is to just ignore!

I spent the last few days in astonishment over the sudden virulence on the forum......

Of course, certain individuals (or is it just one) have on many occasions ranted on about Hat, and just been generally rude. However, quite a few of the regular contributors were also perhaps overzealous in their replies. Untill Strelets can figure out a way to effectively ban some of the more disreputable posters, I would propose that any such posts are simply IGNORED by everybody. Polemics are such a waste of time and effort.......

ps: I'll start using my full name from now as well!

Re: Dear Strelets the only solution... is NOT to ignore!

I agree it is a waste of time and energy.But the reaction of the forum members these last days is a sign to Strelets something has to change.
Do you think if we ignore this individuals they will stop their bashing?
No,I don't think so.

Re: Re: Dear Strelets the only solution... is NOT to ignore!

But of course you are right, now we made our point to Strelets it would be wiser to stop replying on these post.

Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

The "Strelets*R Forum" is a great community of wonderful, caring, knowledgable and extremely interesting global citizens.

The heartfelt comments in this thread are positive proof. It is true that there are limits to free speech. Verbal abuse against any person or people or ... is distasteful.

It makes me proud to see that when something goes a little wrong, as does in any local community, we are able to police the situation ourselves, and then continue on with the same open and free enthusiasm.

I also feel it is inspiring to see forum members deciding to use thier full names in pride (although not necessary for everyone) in the interest of maintaining a free and open forum.

Thank you Strelets*R for deleting the distasteful comments, including mine. ;-) Lastly, from the bottom of my heart ...

... Bravo, Gentlemen! Bravo Strelets*R! My compliments to everyone for creating such a wonderful on-line global community!

Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

Don't waste your time on this Jerk.

Please keep to our favorite subject on this paticular forum, 1/72 figures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

been gone a whole weekend...must of missed some fireworks! oh well, i'd say i didn't miss much. anyway, i wish to continue using my web name, simply because it gives me some insulation from those seeking ID theft. i rarely post my real name on the web simply for that reason. the maturity level of some people really shows. the urge to bait a fellow, to mash buttons in people is just plain silly to me. besides, a drill instructor made me insensitive to most everything years ago. he insulted my mother, my home state, and me so much that i stopped caring. and it was his job to be nasty, so i don't hold any ill feelings to his mother and all. it's funny to me now.

Re: Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

Yes I use my name for the very same reason (plus it's so fun to pick one!). It's good that we can "rally to the cause" and "police ourselves" as Mr. Hennen said. Let's all just try to be a little nicer, and have a little thicker skin, what do you all say?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

You are right CWD, we have to be "thicker skinned" and, of course, have faith in ourselves that the fun we are having here on this forum is stronger and worth the fight to support and defend it from unconstructive outsiders!

Cheers CWD!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dear Forum Members & Strelets*R

Yes sir, so true! Cheers to you too! Now if only Mr. O'Brien would stay....

In Him,