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new RedBox sets: if and when

Any idea about the new Redbox sets?

Will they be still produced and if, when they will be released?

... and any idea about new Alliance sets?

... or Orion sets?

Re: new RedBox sets: if and when

I strongly hope RedBox will certainly produce the sets they've promised some time ago

Re: new RedBox sets: if and when

Redbox/Orion/Alliance have been doing some great stuff in the last few years, and they do have some interesting sets 'in the pipeline'. I am guessing that a range of problems which may include costs of raw materials, shipping, possible production hold-ups and overall assessment of business risk (in what continues to be an uncertain climate) may be contributing in delays in getting these sets made. I for one will certainly be buying a fair number of them if/when they do make it to retailers.

Re: new RedBox sets: if and when

I am with you three in keeping an eye out for these: the three Ukranian sets and Italian Arditi in my case.

Likely any or all of the reasons that you put forward Mark account for a slower-than-hoped-for release.

From past experience and what he has told me, Rupert at Drum and Flag does not post things as future sets without good evidence that they are going to materialise. The fact that there are images of box art for many of them is a good sign, isn't it?

Regards, James