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Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

I'm probably about as happy as both of you about Pyrrhic figures.

I've already started on the army as I have a bunch of HaT Greek spearmen, various of HaT's Alex.the G.'s light troops etc long-painted that will easily fit into Pyrrhus' heterogeneric army mix. I also have various Gauls & Italians who may be useful.

I also recently completed some Zvevda war elephants (the armoured one is a bit anachronistic, I know) & some Newline phalangites.

W-i-P photos @ Bennos:

I bought enough for a 36 figure phalanx but would be keen to create a similarly sized second one, using the more accurate Linear A figures.

I also desperately need a figure of Pyrrhus himself which I think Linear A will provide.

The completed army may well hit the wargames' table by year's end. I'm looking at my Carthaginian & Polybian armies as opponents.


Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

I really like Linear a stuff and they mostly choose unusual subjects, my current favourite being the pre history set but I think they have to be careful with their pricing policy. I looked at the Celts as you can never have enough Celts but when I saw their sets are about 15 quid each I thought again as there are plenty of nice Celts at half the price. It seems to me that they have to keep a keen eye on their USP by producing sets that other people won't do and thereby justifying paying the high price. Personally I'm really looking forward to the Byzantine sets.

Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

Graham Korn
... but I think they have to be careful with their pricing policy. ...
This development is clearly due to the self-imposed exit from the EU than to the manufacturer's pricing.
Linear-A offers their regular sized infantry sets between 8.95 and 9.99 Euros at their shop. :+1:
Disproportionate pricing policy of UK-based retailers and unfavourable consequences of the so-called Brexit are the real problem there.

Back to topic, I am also really looking forward to the various Phalanx sets as well as anything "Byzantine" in particular. :relaxed:

Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

Brexit the gift that keeps on taking. Ho hum.