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Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

You and me both, 'Babylonian'.

Some wonderful sets nearing completion (Varus set 2 disaster and the Celtic Salassi), further excellent ones to follow (the Pyhrric phalangites look particularly interesting and innovative, as you note—I am really pleased that the sarissas were lengthened (to repeat myself) and the Hellenistic Diadochi look to be carrying on the fine format, as you say.

The exciting list keeps expanding too. I'll be really keen to see the two Napoleonic surprise sets come to fruition as well as the Roman artillery that were listed seemingly at 'Baratheon's' suggestion!

Regards, James

Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

I'm probably about as happy as both of you about Pyrrhic figures.

I've already started on the army as I have a bunch of HaT Greek spearmen, various of HaT's Alex.the G.'s light troops etc long-painted that will easily fit into Pyrrhus' heterogeneric army mix. I also have various Gauls & Italians who may be useful.

I also recently completed some Zvevda war elephants (the armoured one is a bit anachronistic, I know) & some Newline phalangites.

W-i-P photos @ Bennos:

I bought enough for a 36 figure phalanx but would be keen to create a similarly sized second one, using the more accurate Linear A figures.

I also desperately need a figure of Pyrrhus himself which I think Linear A will provide.

The completed army may well hit the wargames' table by year's end. I'm looking at my Carthaginian & Polybian armies as opponents.


Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

I really like Linear a stuff and they mostly choose unusual subjects, my current favourite being the pre history set but I think they have to be careful with their pricing policy. I looked at the Celts as you can never have enough Celts but when I saw their sets are about 15 quid each I thought again as there are plenty of nice Celts at half the price. It seems to me that they have to keep a keen eye on their USP by producing sets that other people won't do and thereby justifying paying the high price. Personally I'm really looking forward to the Byzantine sets.

Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

Graham Korn
... but I think they have to be careful with their pricing policy. ...
This development is clearly due to the self-imposed exit from the EU than to the manufacturer's pricing.
Linear-A offers their regular sized infantry sets between 8.95 and 9.99 Euros at their shop. :+1:
Disproportionate pricing policy of UK-based retailers and unfavourable consequences of the so-called Brexit are the real problem there.

Back to topic, I am also really looking forward to the various Phalanx sets as well as anything "Byzantine" in particular. :relaxed:

Re: The Greco-Macedonians are Coming!

Brexit the gift that keeps on taking. Ho hum.