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Re: Friday Post

These look excellent (again!). I like the shouldered sword poses-if I'm honest I think I would have preferred the Maison Du Roi sets to have adopted these poses. Keep up the wonderful work Strelets with these sculpts.

Anyone able to hazard a guess as to who these latest sculpts represent?

I understand non-WSS collectors frustrations at the Friday preview being WSS orientated for the past couple of months. However, I'm sure your turn will come again! Let the WSS fans enjoy this special attention for a little longer...
Well, to me they look like French Line cavalry..and even if they are not, they look perfectly useable as French line cavalry. I'm not entirely sure about the cartridge box carried on the waist belt though?? I don't have a picture reference for French cavalry to hand right now....and also, if they are these troops, it would be good to have the rest of the set holding firearms.

But having said this, my 'guesses' on some of the WoSS previews we have seen of late have been 'wrong', so probably best to wait for Strelets to tell us!

Re: Friday Post

Good idea Minuteman, just posted the same guess at Benno's a few minutes ago, but didn't notice the odd box until I read your post here. Did a quick search of "War of Spanish Succession horse" in the web but didn't find any matching pictures. Some Dragoon regiments had a company of grenadiers, who did carry a cartridge box this way, but these almost always had distinctive headgear (viz. no tricornes). Seems an odd placement for a cavalryman. Perhaps some cut way stuff? Otherwise they are quite nice. Let's wait what Strelets has to say about them.