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Re: best flesh wash?

I have used the Citadel one for years, but have been playing with not using it on some figures and using several different shades of Flesh paint to get shading, with mixed results.

Re: best flesh wash?

IMHO....used by years
Base Vallejo's 929 light brown
Wash Vallejo's 941 burnt umber mixed with water 50% more or less as you like or you demand....
Lights Vallejo's 955 flesh
Highlights Vallejo's 955+ white 951
I do not like washes, but no problem if you like them army painter's are very good
Sorry about my bad English

Re: best flesh wash?

Army painter's are very good ones!
Better said I think....

Re: best flesh wash?

Donald, Try Citadel's Guilliman Flesh over a white or light cream basecoat. It's their Contrast Paint version of Reikland which I find is like using stronger wash. I think it gives a crisper, sharper look than Reikland does for 1/72 figures. Having said that, for tanned Greeks I would be more inclined to try Reikland over light cream (e.g. Flayed One Flesh)...

Re: best flesh wash?

I use a brown India ink wash watered down to achieve the desired effect for flesh when I need a wash. It's a matter of taste; for me, less is more.


I'll drop by the LHS & pick up some supplies this week & give a couple of your suggestions a try.