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Ways of Improving the PURE WIN Betting Site

PURE WIN, Just like the name suggests, is allegedly the most legal and fast way to double or increase your money in India. PURE WIN betting is an Indian Betting Company that in a way makes bettors let-loose whatever it is that they may be going through and place a stake that may get them to cheer up with a ‘PURE WIN’. It however has a long way to go on matters growth and development. The following measures should be employed by the PURE WIN’s Betting management in its quest for greener pastures in the betting industry;


PURE WIN betting has not diversified to countries out of India. There are so many gamblers out of India looking to place their stakes too, Ignoring the overseas market may be a huge loss for the PURE WIN betting website, not a loss in accounts but a loss in failing to take advantage of the profitable international market. So many businesses have built their fortune in the international space, take for example the Glo 4G LTE Network firm in India, its birth company was not as successful, it took a merger and a complete rebranding that has made it a multi-million dollar company now. There are numerous ways in which PURE WIN betting can venture into the international market including;

• Merging with another company from an overseas country and through a strategic exchange of ideas creating one big and highly profitable betting site.
• Creating PURE WIN betting in a new country without necessarily merging with another company from this particular country.
• Starting a completely different betting site in another country, with a different name but the same management just different staff.


PURE WIN betting can acquire a huge clientele within India through advertising. One thing that has kept most multi-million dollar companies in the lime-light and within a highly profitable margin is advertising. Coca-Cola Company is among one of the many beneficiaries of advertising. It may seem unbelievable but the Coca-Cola Company sold only 20 bottles on its first year of business, advertising was its most impactful strategy. PURE WIN betting can also be as successful as the Coca-Cola Company or even more successful than the Coca-Cola Company, advertising is the way to get there. There are a number of ways in which PURE WIN can advertise;

• Social Media Advertising

Social media has had a rapid growth in the 21st century. This new generation that has the name Gen-Z send most of their time online doing things of substance and those that are not of much help in their lives, I mean - Only God can judge, right? Businesses have taken advantage of this new phenomenal and converted it into a way of making a living, Tik-Tok is the most recent platform that has blown up and is really getting so much attention from business people. PURE WIN can advertise by paying Tik-Tok influencers to do short skits or dance videos with the PURE WIN betting name all over the videos. There are so many social media platforms in India, Social media advertising may increase PURE WIN’s profits massively.

• Other Methods

PURE WIN betting can use billboards and road-signs to drive the pedestrians and drivers to their website. They can do this by building billboards in areas with high traffic within India, that way most drivers are able to see and if by any chance they happen to be backers can sign up and gamble with PURE WIN betting.

PURE WIN can also advertise through local Television Networks that have a high percentage of viewership. They can do this by paying Tv Show producers from the most watched Tv shows in India to play their Ads before or after the show.

PURE WIN can also use other minor ways like gazettes and neon-lights to capture as many gamblers as possible. You can never know where the gamblers are hiding, better try the most effective and cost friendly ways of advertising


PURE WIN betting can also win the hearts of gamblers through sponsoring local sports teams and giving back to charity. This is another way of luring punters into your website that PURE WIN betting is not using. Most companies sponsor sports teams and in exchange they get the communities involved to use their products, like Adidas for instance writes contracts with NBA players and is able to make a profit through creating a shoe with the players’ names or paying players to wear their kits. PURE WIN betting can also give back by donating to charitable organizations within India.


PUREWIN through employing the above described measures can easily be among the top five most profitable betting organizations in India.