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How to fix the imap AOL not working

The AOL IMAP settings are the main way you can fix the problem of AOL IMAP not working.

Make sure your AOL IMAP account is enabled, and that it has been configured correctly. This means that there should be no issues with your settings or configuration. If you have any problems, read on for instructions on how to solve them.

If the email address is right, and the server is up, but you've tried everything else and nothing seems to work, it might be time to take a look at your AOL IMAP settings.

AOL IMAP Not Working

Most people who encounter this problem have done everything right: they entered their email address correctly, they've set it up with a working POP3 server, and they've been using it for months without any problems. But then one day it just decides not to work anymore or maybe it never worked in the first place!

There are a few different things that could be going wrong, but we'll start with the easiest solution: incorrect settings on your end. If you're having trouble getting an email through, try looking at your configuration settings as soon as possible. You'll find them under Tools > Options > Mail > Server Settings.

If that doesn't help and we can pretty much guarantee that it won't—then there's another solution: try uninstalling and reinstalling AOL IMAP. This should reset all

There are two ways to change the settings for your AOL Mail & Imap account. First, you can visit the account settings page and make changes directly from there. Or, if you're comfortable with navigating within the account settings a Aol IMAP Not Working.

Re: How to fix the imap AOL not working

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