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Psychologist Karina Weingard: biography and the concept of "Three levels of awareness"

Most psychologists work on the works of the classics of psychoanalysis - Freud, Jung, Bern, Erich, Maslow and other distinguished authors.

Karina Weingard proposes a different approach: her methodology "Three levels of awareness" combines the principles of various schools and examines the personality without getting hung up on details. This makes it possible to carry out a very accurate diagnosis of it at any stage of development, and it is much easier for a person to know himself, to find out his strengths and weaknesses, and to understand in which direction to move on.

Karina Weingard's childhood: a unique sense of empathy

Karina was born into an intelligent family. Her mother worked as a pharmacist, and her father was the head of the department at the institute, candidate of historical sciences. As a child, Karina often attended dad's lectures and watched him communicate with students. At home, the girl could play “teacher” for hours.

Already at the age of 5, she showed an unusual ability: she could compose the most accurate psychological portrait of any person - even the one whom she saw for the first time. And these were not just monosyllabic characteristics like "bad-good", "good-evil", but a full-fledged analysis, during which the child talked about the desires, hopes, and dreams of his interlocutor.

Of course, such abilities amazed the parents and even somewhat frightened. The father showed his daughter to psychotherapists, psychics, he wanted to take her to shamans or seers. However, this was not required, since all specialists made the same "diagnosis" - strong empathy. It is a rare gift that needs to be cultivated.

Since then, the further biography of Karina Weingard has been largely determined. But she did not come to psychology right away. Read the full info here