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Re: Strelets, please - roman command figures

Dear Sirs,

Roman command set will be released in Big Box format, probably towards the end of this year.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


great news!!


Re: great news!!

Big Box format? Does this mean that those who've been collecting the Strelets sets as they appear will be expected to buy several of them all over again to get the new figures? If so, it's a disgraceful way to treat loyal customers...

Re: great news!!

glad to hear the command figures will be in production. It completes a range. As i say,before, i expect these command figures will be super sculptures so imho it is worth paying more for.

surplus with big box is good stock for conversions etc. We collectpors gotta bite the bullet sometimes.

Re: great news!!

If the Roman Command is going to be a big box released with older sets, could the older sets be reissues of the now hard to get "Roman legion at March", "before Battle", and "at Battle"?

Re: great news!!

mmh i am confused..lets have them all to be safe.